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Phebotomy Students In the Clinical Lab

Phlebotomy students practice their blood drawing skills under the watchful eye of an instructor in the clinical lab. Initially it requires careful observation and determination from the student to get the stick right. Sometimes it also takes a little courage until hesitation and nervousness is replaced by confidence. Drawing blood from the back of the hand is quite challenging and can be painful. Phlebotomy student's venipuncture techniques will not always go over smooth! It takes practice to become proficient. How is this student doing? Can you spot any areas of improvement in this video clip?

attentionATTENTION: Please realize that this video (published from YouTube) is NOT HERE TO TEACH you phlebotomy techniques, but merely to show you different scenarios of the phlebotomist's daily routine. The video may contain techniques, or procedures that do not conform to proper and safe venipuncture protocol. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.



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