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Phlebotomy Training

venipuncture demonstrationCurrent training requirements for phlebotomists in the USA can vary widely from state to state. Some states require their health care professionals with blood drawing responsibilities to be formally trained and certified, most don't. In California new phlebotomy regulations were adopted into law and signed by the Secretary of State on January 9, 2003 where prerequisites and requirements for phlebotomy students are:
bullet High school graduate transcripts, or GED
bullet 40 hours classroom (didactic) instruction
bullet 40 hours practical training
bullet 50 venipunctures & 10 skin punctures

Different Forms of Phlebotomy Training

Formal training which comes from caring phlebotomy instructors best prepares students for employment as phlebotomists. Educational institutions now recognize and accommodate a working person's schedule. Many schools offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes to accommodate their student's work and personal life and are open for extended hours. Often they also have resource labs that allow students to learn at their own pace and convenience. Phlebotomy training is usually provided at a community college, or at a business, vocational, or technical school. Some phlebotomists acquired their skills through phlebotomy workshops offered through the Red Cross, others are trained directly on the job.


Phlebotomy Training Requirements

A formal phlebotomy training program typically lasts 4 to 8 months. Some phlebotomy programs require a Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) to enroll. While a degree is not necessary many vocational training institutions offer degree programs in medical laboratory technology, or shorter phlebotomy certification programs that prepare phlebotomists for the job.
bullet Each lecture session is four hours in length
bullet The requirements for the completion of the course include attendance of all lectures
bullet Completion of forty hours of practical work in a clinical environment as specified

Example Phlebotomy Course Outline

Phlebotomy program designed for people who plan to work for a clinical laboratory or public health department or a clinic or hospital.
What to look for in a phlebotomy program:
  • job oriented curriculum
  • classroom instruction
  • experienced instructors
  • hands-on training
  • latest techniques and technologies
  • class size
  • duration
  • clinical internship/externship
  • certification provider affiliations
  • total cost
  • financial aid
  • payment plan options
  • job placement assistance
Total Program Cost May Include:
  • tuition
  • textbooks, materials, supplies
  • examination fee (*certification exam)
  • registration fee (*non-refundable)
  • application fee (*ask!!!)
  • refundable deposit (*refundable upon form submission)
  • lab fee (*ask!!!)
  • early cancellation fee
  • Student Tuition Recovery Fund (*State of California)

Phlebotomy State Certification in California

Upon completion of the program students will receive a certificate of completion and become eligible for certification in the State of California as a Certified Phlebotomist Technician level 1 through the Department of Health Services (DHS), Field Services.

Lectures typically cover:
  • circulatory system review
  • anatomy & medical terminology
  • specimen collection
  • venipuncture and skin puncture technique
  • blood panel review & blood collection systems
  • Universal precautions
  • risk factors
  • complications
  • quality assurance in specimen collection
  • OSHA
Continued Phlebotomy Skills Refinement

Upon graduation the skills that were taught in the classroom are refined on the job. As the number of blood draws increases, the better the technique and skills of the phlebotomist will become. In addition to taking continuing education courses to further solidify their knowledge phlebotomists can attend conferences and courses to keep their knowledge up to date and maintain their credentials.



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