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Phlebotomy Study Sheets

studying with flash cardsStudying with Flash Cards
The idea when using flash cards is to study whith the aid of a deck of cards, usually index card size, with cues, or hints on one side and the answer on the reverse side for checking when you flip them over. The German science popularizer Sebastian Leitner suggested a method in the 70's, known as the Leitner system, where flash cards are sorted into groups according to how well you know each one.



Phlebotomy Flash Cards and Study Sheets:

Can you print, fold, and cut straight lines? Even if you don't, these versatile study sheets can be studied exactly as they are, folded or unfolded, cut or uncut, pasted or not, any way you wish! Use them at home or carry them with you to study phlebotomy questions on the go! Print 50 phlebotomy and venipuncture self-study sheets with 194 questions and matching answers that can easily be turned into 194 double-sided cue cards, or flash cards. Phlebotomy Study Sheets for flash cards support learning by way of memorization and repetition.

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Review questions from different categories, such as venipuncture
vocabulary, order of draw, stopper colors, additives, collection site,
follow up procedures, storage, transport, priorities, etc.
blood drop bullet Phlebotomy Study Sheets are formatted in PDF format. 
blood drop bullet Access to a color printer is recommended.

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Here is an illustration how to use your flash cards and the Leitner system.


  Phlebotomy Study Sheets
Free Flash Cards

Download of our popular free phlebotomy flash cards
study sheet right here...

blood drop bulletPhlebotomy Flash Cards

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