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According to the US Department of Labor, the demand for phlebotomists on the job market is expected to increase. Their prediction is that jobs for trained phlebotomists will increase by 10%-20% over the next decade. Employers seek skillful phlebotomists to ensure that the blood specimen is collected correctly and that all safety measures and precautions in obtaining, preserving, and transporting the sample are taken.

The rapidly growing older population will be a major reason for this growth, since older people tend to have more medical problems that requires lab work. The fastest growth in this field is expected in independent medical laboratories because hospitals continue to send a greater amount of their lab work to outside facilities. The median expected salary for a typical phlebotomist in the United States is around $23,000.

With experience, some phlebotomists are promoted to a higher-level position such as phlebotomy supervisor or laboratory assistant. Some move into related fields like medical assistant, nursing aide, or patient care technician and many employers assist with training for these jobs. Phlebotomists who are interested in lab work might go back to school to study as a clinical lab technician.

New graduate's venipuncture technique will not always go over smooth!

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attention ATTENTION: Please realize that this video (published from YouTube) is NOT HERE TO TEACH you phlebotomy techniques, but merely to show you different scenarios of the phlebotomist's daily routine. The video may contain techniques, or procedures that do not conform to proper and safe venipuncture protocol. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Phlebotomy program graduates will find work at...

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