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Venipuncture Technique Using the Vacutainer®


safety needle holderDrawing Blood with a Needle Holder System

Multisample Vacutainer® System Blood Collection
-- General Instructions:

blood drop bullet  Open needle package but do not remove needle shield - safety needles should be used!

blood drop bullet Thread needle onto holder. If drawing sterile sample, use sterile holder/needle combination

blood drop bullet  Select tube or tubes appropriate for the type of sample

blood drop bullet  Tubes that contain additives should be gently tapped to dislodge any additive which may be trapped around the stopper

blood drop bullet  OSHA's recent ban on tube holder reuse dictates use of a NEW tube holder for every patient!

blood drop bullet  Insert tube into holder, then gently push tube so that the stopper is penetrated by the needle

blood drop bullet  Select site for venipuncture by viewing and palpating all available veins of both arms

blood drop bullet  Apply tourniquet.

blood drop bullet Prepare venipuncture site with an appropriate antiseptic.

blood drop bullet  Secure patient's arm in a downward position that is stable but yet comfortable for the patient
blood drop bullet  Remove needle shield
blood drop bullet  Perform venipuncture
blood drop bullet  Push tube onto holder, puncturing diaphragm of stopper
blood drop bullet  Remove tourniquet as soon as blood appears in tube. Do not overfill the collection tube
blood drop bullet  If no blood flows into tube or ceases to flow before an adequate sample is collected, the following steps are suggested to complete satisfactory collection:
  1. Confirm correct position of needle cannula in vein
  2. If a multiple sample needle is being used, remove the tube and place a new tube into the holder
  3. If the second tube does not draw, remove needle and discard in appropriate disposal device
  4. Repeat procedure from Step 1
blood drop bullet  When first tube is adequately filled remove it from holder
blood drop bullet  Place succeeding tubes in holder (following correct order of draw), puncturing diaphragm to initiate flow. Tubes without additives are drawn before tubes with additives
blood drop bullet  While each successive tube is filling, invert the previous tube containing additives 8-10 times.
blood drop bullet  As soon as blood stops flowing in the last tube, remove needle from vein
blood drop bullet  Activate the needle shield's safety feature, and discard
blood drop bullet  If conventional needles are used do not recap needle, bend, or shear. Dispose needle straight into proper container!
blood drop bullet  Apply pressure to puncture site with dry, sterile swab, until bleeding stops
blood drop bullet  Apply bandage if desired, except in infants and toddlers
blood drop bullet  Proper precautions should be taken to avoid contact with blood droplets when handling tubes
blood drop bullet  Dispose of any holder that becomes contaminated with blood
blood drop bullet  A patient should be offered the option to return to the office on a different day for another try after two failed attempts of finding the vein. Going to the local hospital, a health care facility, or a freestanding reference laboratory where more experienced phlebotomists are drawing blood could also be discussed as an option.
Trademark Notice: Vacutainer is a federally and internationally registered trademark owned by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) that is used in connection with a complete system of tubes, needles and needle holders, sharps collectors, and safety devices. Reference: Becton Dickinson Trade Information # 109.


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