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Components of Phlebotomy Training


Learning Phlebotomy

A career in phlebotomy requires willingness to thoroughly learn and practice the art of venipuncture and other blood collection techniques, and the ability to cope with physical demands of constant patient contact. The phlebotomist must lift, bend, carry and support constant weight from the phlebotomy collection tray. Phlebotomists remain on their feet all day as they walk continuously in their phlebotomy role. Visual acuity sufficient to provide high standard of care and work with standard computer terminal, as well as ability to analyze the blood samples after they are collected is required.

Watch this short phlebotomy video clip!

A typical curriculum usually includes, but is not necessarily limited to, live phlebotomy demonstrations.

attentionATTENTION: Please realize that this video (published from YouTube) is NOT HERE TO TEACH you phlebotomy techniques, but merely to show you different scenarios of the phlebotomist's daily routine. The video may contain techniques, or procedures that do not conform to proper and safe venipuncture protocol. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


bullet Phlebotomy Lectures

  •  Overview of standard (universal) precautions
  •  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  •  Basic anatomy and physiology of the blood supply
  •  Equipment and supplies
  •  Venipuncture technique
  •  Potential patient reactions to venipuncture and complications
  •  Interventions to patient reactions and complications
  •  Preparation for practicum
  •  Skill Evaluation

bullet Documentation

 Skills check list (venipuncture performance evaluation).

Venipuncture Equipment List

Appropriate understanding of equipment and supplies and their use is an essential part of the phlebotomist training to get them to a high level of proficiency:

  1. Disposable examination gloves
  2. Goggles and masks
  3. Alcohol sponges or cotton balls
  4. Dry cotton balls
  5. Bandages or Band-Aids
  6. Vacutainer® holder, Vacutainer® tubes, sterile needles
  7. Tourniquet
  8. Laboratory specimen slips
  9. Containers for blood specimens
  10. Puncture-resistant container for used needles
  11. Resealable plastic bag for biohazard waste materials
  12. Spirits of ammonia (inhalant)
  13. Phlebotomy chair (safety)
  14. Arm board (adjustment)
  15. Small rubber bands (use)
  16. Disinfectant or towelettes with disinfectant
  17. Venipuncture identification card (need varies from state to state)

Externship Practicum Components

bullet Practicum/Externship

Venipuncture technique demonstration using training arm or student partner, or
Venipuncture technique experiences in clinic and field setting with preceptor.

Specific skills and tasks to be practiced and solidified include:

  1. Working well with patients or clients
  2. Interviewing patients and recording patient information
  3. Being consistently pleasant and polite
  4. Caring, empathetic, and professional attitude
  5. Ability to explain the procedure and reduce fears
  6. Precision and attention to detail
  7. Basic computer skills
  8. Examining patients to take vital signs
  9. Assembling and disposing of equipment used in procedure
  10. Proficiency in venipuncture technique
  11. Adherence to standard procedures and universal precautions
  12. Recording of patient identification, and blood samples
  13. Excellent hand-eye coordination
  14. Labeling blood containers and seeing that they are properly stored
  15. Conducting medical testing procedures to screen blood samples
  16. Keeping an inventory of supplies, reordering as needed
  17. Stocking supplies on carts and phlebotomy collection trays
  18. Maintaining patient confidentiality (HIPAA) 




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