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Blood Collection Using a Butterfly Needle


Watch this short phlebotomy video clip!

This phlebotomist demonstrates blood collection via a butterfly needle! Did she do a good job?

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attention ATTENTION: Please realize that this video (published form YouTube) is NOT HERE TO TEACH you phlebotomy techniques, but merely to show you different scenarios of the phlebotomist's daily routine. The video may contain techniques, or procedures that do not conform to proper and safe venipuncture protocol. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

Very good! This phlebotomy student thoroughly checked both arms for a suitable vein, then released the tourniquet, cleansed the site, put on a clean pair of gloves, reapplied the tourniquet without retouching the cleansed site. I see the latter done so often, it's not even funny! She also released the tourniquet BEFORE withdrawing the needle. KUDOS for that!!! No doubt, with additional practice this phlebotomy student is well on her way to becoming a great phlebotomist.

* Notice the big red sharps container so everybody can easily access it to drop their used needles.

Repeating UNSUCCESSFUL Attempts:

A patient should be offered the option to return to the office on a different day for another try after two failed attempts of accesing the vein. Going to the local hospital, a health care facility, or a freestanding reference laboratory where more experienced phlebotomists are drawing blood could also be discussed with the patient as an option.